Article in PC World on Facebook privacy

For a bit, you could see my name on Google News in the Sci/Tech section with a link to the article.


New Yorker Barry Hoggard draws a line in the sand when it comes to online privacy. In May he said farewell to 1251 Facebook friends by deleting his account of four years to protest what he calls the social network's eroding privacy policies.

"I'm sick of keeping track of my Facebook privacy settings and what boxes I have to check to protect myself," says Hoggard, a computer programmer. "I don't have a lot of illusions about online privacy, but Facebook has gone too far," he says of Facebook's recent privacy policy changes.

I wanted to be described as programmer/entrepreneur. I need a PR team. I'm hoping more articles appear, as I was also interviewed by a Washington Post reporter after writing about canceling my Facebook account on May 7. It has now been two weeks, so I assume my profile is safely gone.

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