June 2002 Archives

  1. Paul Lombardi
  2. Silly homos affecting Amazon recommendations
  3. This could lead to civil war
  4. What's with the Democratic Party and its supporters?
  5. Kate Clinton on marriage
  6. FAZ English edition shuts down
  7. Freud
  8. Now that's riot gear
  9. Column on Zionism
  10. Sexy Israelis
  11. A happy story
  12. Cover of 4'33 results in fee request
  13. Keep donating, good Catholics...
  14. Anthony Goicolea
  15. 100 Years of Japanese Cinema
  16. Israeli rights group reports on settlements
  17. FBI checking library records
  18. Ick! You think we're not a theocracy?
  19. Corruption, what corruption?
  20. Remember Lebanon
  21. Bush's corporate connections
  22. Perl is the Yiddish of the Internet
  23. Never, ever, buy a major label CD again
  24. Outness, jobs, etc.
  25. Spend it all on weapons
  26. America
  27. No more birthday celebrations
  28. Voice of the People
  29. I think I prefer this to Virgin Mary sightings
  30. How do they keep a straight face?
  31. Brian Ferry
  32. 9/11 photographs
  33. Mullet Haiku
  34. Great photos of Albee
  35. Georgians are more honest
  36. Manhattan at dusk
  37. Too much park land, let's give some to the Mormons
  38. Maybe not for my "pretty" category
  39. Popularity through intimidation
  40. Is this how they're going to get me to like sports?
  41. For your favorite christian sports fanatic
  42. Where do I order one?
  43. In defense of all that is decent and good
  44. Gay Italian couple test Europe's laws on same sex marriage
  45. Homosexuality and Art
  46. Bill Blass
  47. A couple of political cartoons
  48. First Amendment restored for NYC employees
  49. Posts on other blogs
  50. How do they sleep at night?
  51. On a happier note...
  52. I'm not making this up
  53. Current listening
  54. White House Faces Disclosure Suit
  55. The New Festival
  56. Is It OK To Hate Bush?
  57. Italy moving ahead on bridge to Sicily
  58. Women drivers make the trains run on time
  59. Bootlegs
  60. No wonder I voted for Nader
  61. New "Get Your War On" !!
  62. Depressing story
  63. Do you have blacks too?
  64. The Bush 9/11 Scandal for Dummies
  65. Queens Pride
  66. Interview with Paul Davis of ACT UP Philadelphia
  67. James - Voice of the People
  68. Reno