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One of the reasons that bloggy.com has been so quiet lately is that I've been working on a few web projects including our new collection web site. The installation view above was taken by the lovely and talented Fette, and there are more images on our site from her.

This Saturday, February 27, at 6pm, James and I will be participating on a panel at Winkleman Gallery that we organized called "Collecting with your eye not your ears" as part of the William Powhida / Jennifer Dalton project #class. Please join us.

Dan Perjovschi at Lombard-Freid Projects


Dan Perjovschi, one postcard from Postcards from the World (North America), 2009, ink and marker on paper, 4 × 6 inches, via Lombard-Freid Projects

This is one of hundreds (thousands?) of postcards from Dan Perjovschi's show at Lombard-Freid Projects, closing February 20. Don't miss it.



The show is closed, but I wanted to put up a couple of photos I took on the last day of the installation Drippy by Ben Godward and Famous Accountants (Ellen Letcher and Kevin Regan), all of whom I met via the wonder that was/is Pocket Utopia. The "dripping blood" on the walls is by Famous Accountants, and the site-specific sculpture in the middle is by Ben Godward.

Visit my flickr set for more images.

Quote of the day


Henry Cowell as a young man, from Wikipedia

For all of America�s celebration of its own love of invention and innovation, there has been a dark side to American cultural life: an enormous pressure to conform, the rule of a marketplace that is intolerant of genuine individuality and dissent, and a risk-averse anti-intellectualism derived from mistrust, isolationism, and commercial interest.

-- From Leon Botstein's essay on Henry Cowell for the American Symphony Orchestra

We attended the amazing all-Cowell concert, conducted by Botstein, last Friday.

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