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Lately I've seen a few gallery opening announcements where the beverage sponsor was Jamaican beer Red Stripe. This makes a good "teaching moment." Jamaica is the most dangerous place in the Caribbean for queer people, with a government that regularly issues anti-LBGT statements, and a dance hall culture whose musicians regularly call for violence against queer people in their lyrics. Much of Jamaica's income comes from investment, trade, and tourism from the United States. This is no time to do business with Red Stripe or for that matter Myers Rum. Visit Pam's House Blend and Boycott Jamaica for more information.


what do redstripe engage in that is actively homophobic? do all companies represent their country of origin? shall we boycott all us companies because of the us atrocities in the mid east? all chinese companies because of china's human rights abuses?

steeve raises a good point, its one thing to fight for a cause, but baning anyone suposedly related to it seems an overreaction and doest make you any wiser than the bad people you rightfully mention

If almost all money coming into Jamaica comes from United States sources, boycotting their businesses is an excellent way to get people to take notice. Go read the websites I linked to. Do you think governments are not influenced by business interests? As far as I can tell, that is the biggest factor in what most governments do these days, especially the United States one.

I don't have a problem with people punishing our American companies for the government being involved in torture and illegal wars. I think it would help the whole planet if big business was negatively affected by the awful behavior of our government.

Comments are closed on this post due to the "kill fags" comments as well as those from geniuses talking about how King James wrote the bible.

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