Voting for Obama by default

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This Tuesday when I vote in the Democratic primary, I'll be voting for Barack Obama since my only choice is either Hillary Clinton or him. I would have voted for Dennis Kucinich if he were still in the race. I will admit that I have some concerns about Obama's tendency to consort with anti-gay bigots.

My main reasons for voting against Hillary Clinton:

  • She voted for the Iraq War. I think she did it cynically. If she could be fooled by the Bush administration's "intelligence" she is too stupid to be President, but I think she was actually just doing it because she thought it was somehow good politics. Never mind that the overwhelming majority of her constituents (including a million plus demonstrators in the streets of NYC) thought she should vote no.
  • She voted for the PATRIOT Act.
  • She supports the Defense of Marriage Act, again cynically arguing that it was good politics to ward off a constitutional amendment. Really?! Bring it on. I would like to have seen the anti-gay right try to get that passed in 3/4 of the states in this country. I would welcome that discussion of whether this is really what the USA wants for its constitution.
  • She says that gay marriages / civil unions should be left to the states. Given that federal law covers Social Security, inheritance, and taxes, that is a deeply flawed position. I have not seen her argue that other anti-discrimination laws, or abortion rights, should be decided at state level. Did you know that covering your married spouse's health insurance through your employer is not taxable, but that it counts as income if it's via a domestic partnership? Tell that to your states' rights friends.

1 Comment

I am with you on the Kucinich, Barry.

I don't think at any time in history has such a sad event happened when the media outright decided who can and can't be shown on national tv.

His exclusion from the debate process was a travesty of the Constitution and the public's right to know a candidate is now based soley upon campaign coffers and telegenic presence.


He also is probably the only candidate running who never swayed from his own beliefs-- again deemed "unelectable".
So sad.

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