DCKT Contemporary to reopen in March!



image from google maps of 195 Bowery

bloggy.com can report that DCKT Contemporary will reopen at its new location on the Lower East Side, just east of Jen Bekman and just south of the New Museum, around the 3rd week of March. The first show will be a solo exhibition by Josh Azzarella, his first in NYC.

Bonus points for those that can guess which art publication's style I'm imitating above.


let us know if noone guesses. i'm out of the loop on my publications, but am curious.

Here's an example:


"We can report..."

That drives me crazy.

I complained about that as well as while back (the "we can report" intro) only to have UK folks tell me it's fairly standard over there...uncooth colonials...

DCKT.. goes to the LES...

No wonder the drink prices have become so expensive over there !!

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