Bari Ziperstein at Bank (Pulse Miami)

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I'm going to start posting some images by me, or the artists/galleries of work I liked in Miami. First up: some of my photos of Bank's booth at Pulse Miami, which consisted entirely of Bari Ziperstein's work. It was more like a gallery show than a typical "hey we've got stuff for sale" presentation so popular at such events. Here is a paragraph from her statement that relates to this work:

My current work continues this investigation of America’s consumer society and its material surplus and waste. Over the past year, I have created a series of small collages that deconstruct idealized domestic scenes that were culled from home décor magazines from the 1950s through the present, including the popular commercial publications Better Homes & Gardens and Architectural Digest. I transform posh interiors into absurd but highly structured environments by laying in paper cut-outs of stark white architectural beams that protrude, contort and escape out of everyday functional objects, such as chairs, tables, chandeliers and dishware. These works on paper function as studies for sculptural interventions on a grand scale.

Bonus photo of Bari and a slightly sunburned James:


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BANK absolutely rules. And they really seem to know how to turn it OUT at art fairs.

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