Pierogi / Feldman / Hales in Miami


David Opdyke
APR, 2007
site-specific installation with string and 822 paper airplanes

These three galleries have taken over an office building around the corner from Pulse and created one of the better art shows we've seen in Miami.

December 4-9, 2007

#2010 North Miami Avenue (between NW 20th / 21st Streets)
Entrance and free parking at rear of building on NW Miami Court

Opening reception: December 4, 2007. 3-9pm
Daily: December 5-8, 11am-8pm
December 9, 11am-6pm

The press release is here.

My photo above is of a work by David Opdyke. APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate, and the airplanes are made of credit card solicitations sent to him and his friends. His appearance in the show is via Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.

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