God's Ear by Jenny Schwartz


Annie McNamara and Gibson Frazier


Before we left I mentioned the play "God's Ear" being produced by the wonderful company The New Georges. We saw it last weekend, and I highly recommend it. We were quite jet-lagged, and I was still thrilled with it. The language is experimental, funny, full of clichés (in a good way), and a bit broken. The amazing actors in the cast, along with the director Anne Kauffman and Michael Friedman's songs, produce what could have been a somewhat formal exercise in language into a moving evening of theater. In an impressive cast, I have to say the performance of Annie McNamara as a tipsy bar fly in an airport lounge was a wonderful discovery.

This is one of the few plays I've seen in a while where I thought about going back a second night to watch it again.

The Brooklyn Rail has an article on the play written by the actress and playwright Heidi Schreck (who we saw with Gibson Frazier in Anne Washburn's The Internationalist). It includes some excerpts:

And then we’ll kick up our heels. And have it both ways. And take a deep breath. And take it like men.

And sit back. Relax.

And ride off into the horse-shit.

For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. And the fat lady will sing. With bells on.

Here are some reviews:

It runs through June 2nd. Go here to buy tickets.

[photo supplied by The New Georges]

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