WAGMAG benefit tonight


Yes, there's ArtCal for making a list, but given the street layout of Williamsburg, we always use a map to plot out the most efficient course when we visit the galleries there. And we always use a copy of WAGMAG.

This indispensable resource is having a fund raiser tonight. It works the same as Momenta Art's benefit: buy a ticket, and when your number is called you get to choose a work from among those remaining. Tickets are $150. You can view the works today from 1-6PM if you need a preview to make your list.

Reception and Raffle of work Saturday Dec. 16th, 7-9
The Front Room is at 147 Roebling St.
(the corner of Roebling & Metropolitan, Brooklyn).

Works by:
Amanda Alic, Mike Asente, Sarah Barker, Cecelia Biagini, Kelly Bowman, Thomas Clark, Ethan Crenson, Greg Curry, Linda DiGusta, Hubert Dobler, Elise Engler, Benjamin Evans, Diego Fernandez, Peter Fox, Linda Ganjian, Erik Guzman, Jerelyn Hanrahan, Jody Hanson, Randall Harris, Sean Hemmerle, Amy Hill, Eric Hollander, Curt Hoppe, Mary Hrbacek, Richard Humann, Fran Kornfeld, Peter Krebs, Ben La Rocco, Eliot Lable, Jesse Lambert, Yulia Lanina, Pauline Lethen, Dominick Lombardi, Stephen Maine, Eliot Markell, Karen Marston, Mark McGloughlin, Loren Munk, Aron Namenwirth, Ivan Navarro, Alexandra Newmark, Russel Parish, Gelah Penn, Deborah Pohl, Carl Pope, Lisa Reddig, Ron Richter, Grace Roselli, Daniel Rosenbaum, Todd Rosenbaum, Emily Roz, Carol Salmanson, Secret Project Robot, James Sheehan, Judith Simonian, Patricia Smith, Carri Skoczek, Deborah Spiroff, Sto , Miho Suzuki, Jim Torok, Jeanne Tremel, Joanne Ungar, Rosa Valado, Kathleen Vance, Don Voisine, Nancy Wechter, Jessica Weiss, David Wells, Mary Westering, Mark Wiener, Mika Yokobori, Dan Zeller

Go here for images of some of the works.

We'll be there, so say "hi!"

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