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Recent art highlights

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When asked lately "What have you seen that's good?" my response has been these three shows, all seen within the last couple of weeks.

Joyce Pensato at Parker's Box

Joyce Pensato, installation view

Joyce Pensato at Parker's Box

I don't know why she hasn't had a NYC museum show yet! She is one of my favorite artists, and James and I never miss a show. We are lucky enough to own two works by her -- a graphite on paper "Running Mickey" and a white-on-black enamel on paper piece of Donald Duck. Check out my flickr photos for more images, including some older work at Sarah Bowen.

We had an "old school Williamsburg" visit with Joyce last Saturday, hanging out on some chairs on the sidewalk in front of Parker's Box.


Rosemarie Fiore, Mega Dome, 2005
Oil on canvas, 48 × 60 inches

Rosemarie Fiorie at Winkleman/Plus Ultra

The paintings in this show represent a breakthrough for the artist, in my opinion. I found the ceramics entertaining, and the fireworks paintings have a kind of minimalist beauty, but the paintings in this show blew me away. I love the textures, and use of crazy scenarios and colors.


Jeremy Eilers, Eggstickee, 2006
found objects, 81 × 38 inches

Oktuber to Decumber at Moti Hasson

This show of paintings and (mostly) sculpture curated by the artist Roy Stanfield, who also works at the gallery. My favorite works in the show were by Jeremy Eilers and Ian Pedigo. We have seen Ian's work before via Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery. I was told by Roy that Eilers's studio is a kind of fort, ready to have works such as the one above wrapped up and taken away. The works contain their own protective wrapping material, although that sharp point of the work above looks like it would still stick out. There are more images from the show on the gallery's website.

Related: Tom Moody on a Roy Stanfield sculpture in the show

[photos courtesy of the galleries except for my photo of Joyce Pensato's drawings]

Clothes & Shoes

Clothes & Shoes

"Dangling" website launched


Hipsters and Susan C. Dessel's bodies

I'm not meaning to make fun of the people in this photo, as the sculpture yard of Dam, Stuhltrager is in a backyard that's available to some other neighbors. I just like the way it makes a nice illustration for the idea that we're all stepping around the bodies to get a drink and enjoy ourselves while a war goes on somewhere else.

The exhibition at Dam, Stuhltrager now has a dedicated website with images (via flickr) and information on all of the artists.

From a Reuters story, titled Foley singled out "hot" boys: report:

Another former page said he felt he had to flirt with Foley, who has said he is homosexual and an alcoholic and that he was abused by a priest as a child.

"I didn't want to piss off a member of an institution that I really revered," the former Republican page said.

"I figured maybe someday I will want to be involved in Congress," the newspaper quoted him as saying. "I didn't want to make an enemy."

Gowanus artist tours

I forgot to add something to my last post on recommended events.

Annual Gowanus Artist Studio Tour

Saturday October 21st and Sunday October 22nd from 1-6pm

Body on the platform

James and I went to a couple of openings last night at Apex and KS Art before seeing Adam Bock's play Thugs at Soho Rep. Before I distract you too much, tickets to the play are only $15, and I recommend seeing it if you're interested at all in theater, or if you ever worked as a temp in NYC. Our friend Anne Kauffman directed it. It's described on the website:

Mysterious things are happening on the 9th floor of a big law firm. What could a new temp have to fear? A new play about work, thunder, and people you don't know.

It's quite like a music chamber piece in form.

On the way home around 9, the Eighth Avenue trains were running express. They said it was due to some kind of "passenger emergency." We decided to take the A to 34th and walk back down to our apartment. As we passed through the 14th Street station, we saw plenty of cops, some yellow tape, and a body bag on the platform plus some amount of blood. When things like that happen, one always expects to come home and see all kinds of headlines, but it's strange that it actually takes a while for what seem like pretty shocking events to show up in the media, whether online or on NY1.

Today, the New York Daily News has the story.

A man trying to board a crowded C train between cars was crushed to death last night when the train started moving and he became wedged against the platform, police said.

Recommended art stuff

ArtCal is really set up for exhibitions, not one-time events, so I'm listing a few of note here:

EFA Open Studios

Thursday, October 19, 2006 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday, October 21, 2006 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Sunday, October 22, 2006 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

EFA Studio Center
323 West 39th Street, NYC 10018
between 8th and 9th Avenues

Participants in the EFA Studio Center Open Studios include:
Samira Abbassy, Clytie Alexander, Chris Anderson, Augusto Arbizo, Regina Baumhauer, Jeff Bechtel, Sarah Beddington, Nicole Been, Ragna Berlin, Jimbo Blachly, Tom Bogaert, Patty Cateura, Sang-ah Choi, Theresa Chong, David Collins, Vicky Colombet, Judith Croce, Annabel Daou, Lisa Corinne Davis, Jane Dickson, Madeline Djerejian, Megan Dyer, Sally Egbert, Cara Enteles, Cui Fei, Suzan Frecon, Beth Ganz, Del Geist, Lauren Gohara, Ana Golici, Nicolae Golici, Pablo Helguera, Arturo Herrera, Marietta Hoferer, Jeffrey Hoppa, Catherine Howe, Jessica Hutchins, Eunjung Hwang, Valerie Jaudon, Kate Javens, Susan Jennings, Richard Kalina, Airan Kang, Tamiko Kawata, Jane Kent, Jung Hyang Kim, Noah Klersfeld, Greg Kwiatek, Sowon Kwon, Sarah Leahy, Patricia Leighton, Reiner Leist, Dan Levenson, Holly Lynton, Paul Moran, Gary Petersen, Thomas Pihl, Kanishka Raja, Tomas Ramberg, Evan Read, Louis Renzoni, Simon Rigg, Rafael Saldarriaga, Carl Sandler, Jonathan Santlofer, Noah Sheldon, Hilda Shen, Karina Skvirsky, Howard Smith, Devorah Sperber, David Storey, Taro Suzuki, Sali Taylor, Dannielle Tegeder, Scott Teplin, Sally Tittmann, Carlos Vega, Tom Warren, Marjorie Welish, Bryan Whitney, and others.


Bushwick Open Studios

Saturday October 21st, 12pm - 8pm. There are some familiar names on the list of artists.


Pulsewave - a monthly event at The Tank showcasing low-bit, video game influenced
musicians and video artists.

Saturday, Oct 21 @ 10pm Sharp
Admission: $7
Featuring: One Bit Music, Animal Style, Radio Shock, and Voltage Controlled

More art benefits

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art auction

My previous post on the subject seemed to be popular, so here is a new list of upcoming art benefits:

  • The Kitchen has a benefit art auction on November 2. That link already has images of many of the works to be auctioned. Impressive. The lovely and talented Christopher Gaillard of Sotheby's, who always helps out at Momenta's benefit, will be the auctioneer.
  • The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) has a benefit on November 8 aimed at a bit richer crowd than some -- tickets start at $250. I don't see any kind of art auction in the description, but the snacks are provided by Danny Meyer, which is a good thing.
  • Winning points for having a MySpace Page, the "BetteJean" benefit to raise money for research on ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis), often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's disease," takes place on November 9th at Galapagos. There will be a silent auction that includes work by James Nares and others, plus musical performances. They're still encouraging submissions of works for the silent auction. Artists, this might be your chance to get noticed by some new collectors. Tickets are only $10.

[photo found on flickr, taken by Youngna Park]

Party pics and installation shots

Jacques Louis Vidal installation view

Jacques Louis Vidal installation view

Check out James's post for a slideshow from our crowded opening night plus some installation shots. I am thrilled with how the show came together, and the big turnout.

If any art bloggers want a personal tour some Sunday afternoon while the show is up, let us know.

Sorry for the lack of posting. I will have some recommended upcoming events and art benefits soon, but I'm still catching up with my job-ish work after all of the installation last week.

Our show opens tomorrow, not tonight

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Despite what is said in today's DKS mailing, our show opens tomorrow night. If you accidentally find yourself in Williamsburg tonight, I recommend attending an art auction to benefit the Greenpoint YMCA's youth programs at Supreme Trading (213 N. 8th Street) from 5-9PM. It was curated by curated by Elizabeth Grady from the Whitney and Christian Viveros-Fauné of Roebling Hall. The list of works looks awesome.

The dangers of toothpaste

So I can't carry more than 3 ounces of toothpaste onto a commercial flight, but I can arrange for a small private plane to fly up the east river next to the UN, high rise apartment buildings, and not too far from the Metropolitan Museum of Art? That's a brilliant way to run security.

You mean there are creative women?

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Wonder what that headline's about? Check out Art Fag City and Jen Bekman on the idea of a "Creativity Now" conference that has a 95% male lineup of speakers.

Subway map abstraction

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Subway map abstraction

Fette's Gallery

The owner of my favorite art blog in Los Angeles -- Fette's Flog -- is opening a gallery!

The inaugual show at Fette's Gallery is titled "i know you, but you don't know me" and includes work by marie blanchard, melanie bonajo, brian bress, roya falahi, mehdi hercberg, hyun-gyoung kim, susanne mewing, david ostrowski, körner union and stuart white. [the lack of capitalization is from the gallery's site]

My thanks to fellow flickr Chelsea Pool member musiquegirl for the photos. Now we're using traffic signs and huge amounts of the street to warn about fake IDs?

use of fake

I.D. is a crime

... go read today's Manhattan User's Guide.

We never had Welch's Grape Juice in the house growing up because Robert Welch was one of the founders of the John Birch Society, and that organization, still with us, opposed the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s.

Which brings us to a piece of jewelry we mentioned recently in MUG, available, as we noted, at Anthropologie. A reader better informed than we are pointed out that both Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are owned by Richard Hayne.

Jonathan Valania wrote an excellent piece on Hayne in the Philadelphia Weekly a few years ago in which he reported that Hayne had donated $13,150 to Rick Santorum and his PAC over the years. (Santorum, as you'll recall, is anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and in favor of teaching intelligent design.)


Get bloggy via email

I've added a little subscribe box under the thumbnails on the right for those who would like to receive bloggy posts via email. E-mails are sent out, if there is new content, once per day.

Two art benefits this week

There are two worthy art benefits with "good stuff" this week:

Brooklyn Rail - to keep this worthy non-profit paper going.

James Cohan Gallery
533 West 26th Street
Tuesday, October 3rd
Viewing: Noon-6PM
Silent Auction: 6-9PM

Dam, Stuhltrager - to help pay for the artists to attend an art fair plus museum show in Istanbul.

Sunday, October 8
7:30 Doors Open
7:30-9:30 Food & Open Bar
8:00-9:00 Art Raffle
8:30-9:30 Deep Dish Cabaret
10:00 Doors Close

Tickets are $25 to attend, or $250 for the art raffle.

Their new offices are just down the street, which will be handy if they decide to acquire ArtCat or ArtCal.

Here are two stories on the opening of an office in Chelsea:

We've added information on all of the artists to the listing on ArtCal.

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