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If you're voting in the New York Democratic primary today, and still undecided on Hillary Clinton versus Jonathan Tasini, just choose based on your beliefs:

Gay Marriage
Tasini: for
Clinton: against

Clinton: for
Tasini: against

Iraq War
Clinton: for
Tasini: against

Death Penalty
Clinton: for
Tasini: against

Cluster Bombs
Clinton: for
Tasini: against

I realize he has little chance to defeat her, but a big turnout for Tasini would certainly help put some fear into her plans to win elections by moving ever rightward.

Gay City News has two good articles on Tasini:

From the endorsement:

On a shoestring campaign, Tasini has raised critical questions—most prominently about this nation’s disastrous policy in Iraq. Not incidentally, he is also a supporter of same-sex marriage.

Clinton has ducked fair dialogue on where she stands on the most pressing foreign policy question facing the nation. Just because she can get away with it does not make it the right thing to do. Clinton has also bobbed and weaved this year on gay rights. Activists have pressed her on her opposition to gay marriage—and come away disappointed that did not even speak out on the dignity of gay families on the Senate floor when Congress debated the ugly Marriage Protection Amendment.

Note that I'm not saying the gay issue overrides all. I think the fact that both of New York's senators voted for the Iraq War, when the overwhelming majority of their constituents were opposed to it (and millions demonstrated on the streets), should be enough reason to get rid of both as soon as possible. The Democratic primary is really our only chance to have a say in this.


Um...indeed. I fear too many left-leaning folks are content to accept Hilary as the major-domo of the Democratic Parties march forward. Even if Tasini is too "progressive" to win election, we need more voices like his in state races.

On the other hand, being a boy raised in the south, I reluctantly accept that the more progressive politicians tend to attract derision, even anger, on the national front. If the choice were between Clinton and Tasini for a national ticket, I'd be inclined, sad though I may be about it, to consider a thumbs up for Hilary.

With each passing day, I become more nervous about '08... Let's hope for the best.

Well, Christoper, my snarky answer would be: Yeah, go ahead and keep electing "centrist" Democrats who are now consistently to the right of Nixon on welfare, civil rights, etc. Look at how successful that's been over the last 20 years at getting control of the three branches of government!

I voted for Tasini as well. We need a Senator that represents New York values and who didn't spend six years on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors.

True, and this is while I'll vote for Tasini, but, at the national level, I'd really have to consider the vote...especially after the fiasco in 2000! Whew...

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