Why I don't get involved in (electoral) politics any more

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Two items from other blogs:

  • James on all of the Democratic politicians in New York saying Israel can do whatever it wants to Lebanon, including its civilians
  • Tom Moody on Daily Kos saying he's not interested in writing about what's going on in the Middle East

The former are "old school" politicians, and people like Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga of the Daily Kos are supposedly the next wave. If acting as if our government's foreign policy in the Middle East has nothing to do with our lives is considered an appropriate position for Democrats, I don't see much point in getting involved to help them get elected. As Tom Moody says, New Yorkers who were here for 9/11 have a bit of trouble acting as if our lives have nothing to do with our government's activities in foreign countries.

If they win, we get people like Hillary Clinton as leaders? Some win. Even Rupert Murdoch is throwing fundraisers for her.


The only person whose campaign interests me right now is Jonathan Tasini. He is challenging Hillary in the New York Democratic primary. People like Atrios and Daily Kos are all over Joe Lieberman's challenger, but have been silent on this one. Appararently they think Hillary Clinton -- pro-Iraq War, pro-PATRIOT ACT, anti-gay marriage -- is just fine.

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One point about DailyKos: It was Markos himself that wrote that post. Granted, it is his site, but the site is made up of nearly 100,000 registered users and they have blogged the issue to death. There are very few in the community who agree with Kos that there's nothing we can do and nothing to say. Many had a LOT to say.

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