I hope I like it better than "The Gates"


From Crain's NY:

A major public art project will be unveiled in January as part of the mayor's plan to draw more tourists to New York City during the winter months.

Artist Doug Aitken plans to create a "cinematic art experience that will directly integrate with the city's architecture, while enhancing and challenging viewers' perception of public space."

The project, which will be filmed entirely in New York City, will be projected on the facades of The Museum of Modern Art from Jan. 16 through Feb. 12.


Hah,I hope so too. Sorry to be off topic but last week's newsletter from ArtInfo includes their take on the top 10 Museums Shows in the U.S. Interesting that they included the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke
Not sure I agree with their top 10. I was wondering what you thought? http://www.artinfo.com/News/Article.aspx?a=18981&c=22

The ArtInfo list is rather ecletic, isn't it? The Nasher show is Eve Sussman, which I would certainly like to see. It's interesting that it's premiering there. I don't think it has been shown publicly in NYC yet, has it?

James and I don't travel around to see stuff the way people like Tyler Green do, so I can't really comment on whether it's a great list, except to say, "what, no Anselm Kiefer?"

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