Zombies in the Zeitgeist

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Sixspace in Los Angeles just opened a show of oil on canvas and oil on paper works by Chad Robertson, titled Rise. They are inspired by

... the films of George A. Romero and the zombie genre. For decades these films, in particular the Romero films, have explored current social or political issues and events that are channeled through this idea of a mindless, yet human, animal - a zombie.

Here are some images. I imagine these are difficult to photograph. The ghostly technique is impressive, given the medium. Also, hairy-chested zombies / zombie victims are HOT.


chad robertson zombie02

Untitled, 2006
Oil on canvas
72 × 36 in.


chad robertson zombie

Untitled, 2006
Oil on canvas
24 × 48 in.


chad robertson zombie

Untitled, 2006
Oil on paper
27 × 18.75 in.




On a somewhat related note, Art Fag City writes today about a book titled Hello Victims: Ad Reinhardt, by Brian Kennon, which she describes as

An extension of the much larger (and soon to be published) three volume Hello Victims book, Hello Victims: Ad Reinhardt presents Reinhardt's black paintings within the context of the equally apocalyptic lenses of Motorhead, Nuclear War and Zombie films.

1 Comment

i love these spooky images.

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