Sounds like a culture war

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"Sounds like a culture war" was James's reaction when I told him about the New York Daily News editorial on the Brooklyn College MFA show.

'Plan B' from outer space

The mewling you hear in Brooklyn emanates from Brooklyn College art students whose education obviously did not include informing them that, no, you can't do anything you want anywhere you please.

The young artistes are up in arms that borough Parks Commissioner Julius Spiegel closed their exhibit, "Plan B," at the Brooklyn War Memorial after some works - including a penis sculpture - were deemed inappropriate for display in a hall that is open to the general public and, just as important, part of a commemoration of valor. How dare Spiegel close the show without asking them? the students fume. And how dare the Brooklyn College administration fail to defend their rights to show their stuff just where they please?

Reality check, children: Not only can someone tell you "no," but - shocking! - being told "no" is not a violation of your First Amendment rights. Spiegel showed backbone, and the college made the wise choice in moving the show onto campus, where students, faculty and assorted Chardonnay sippers can muse about its merits. Get used to not being the center of the universe, kids.

Chardonnay sippers?! Everyone knows real men don't have anything to do with education and going to college!

[link via Carl Ferrero]

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I'm so unfazed by the fact the city pulled this show and the college balked at backing up the students. It's too prdictable. But it's good the artists made a fuss and drew attention to the whole thing. This whole thing is about protecting children which really pisses me off. Most parents I'm friends with would know how to handle explaining 'difficult' imagery to their kids. My question is why does the city have to protect parents who can't handle parenting, can't the Parks Commissioner just offer a class in how to raise smart, open minded children? Or something. I really hate how our culture is kid oriented to the point where public art shows are sanitized or shut down. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, some of my favorite people are kids, but they only need to be protected and coddeled to a point.

PS our bird, foghorn, is in the backroom at 33rd and Bird, we went to visit him yesterday, he's too little still to be out with the older baby birds. You guys should get one! We can exchange bird parenting tips

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