Robin Foottit at Hagan Saint Philip

Robin Footitt at Hagan Saint Philip

Comic on Terror (detail)

Robin Footitt at Hagan Saint Philip

Comin on Terror (installation view)

Robin Footitt at Hagan Saint Philip

Installation view, including Kong Stones wall drawing

We visited the South Bronx today to see Robin Foottit's show at Hagan Saint Philip. It's only one subway stop from Manhattan, just like Williamsburg! We visited by appointment, but you have Friday and Saturday, 11-6 to see it during the regular gallery hours. It's also next to 33rd & Bird's new Bronx location (Bernie was there). We didn't get to meet Nicole Eisenman's new baby bird.

For anyone interested in comic books, appropriation, or disaster movies, this is one not to miss. The comic book work above is described in the press release:

In the continuing series, Comic on Terror, Footitt has assembled found comic book frames, each taken from a separate source. The original narrative sequence and the interrelationship between one frame and its abutting partner are lost. Each frame highlights a moment before the occurrence of an unknown catastrophe, perhaps nuclear annihilation, global or national invasion, political strife or revolution. While the proximate cause of panic or fear has been severed from the narrative, the characters, through either their thoughts or speech, reveal a sense of dread or suspicion, and the viewer is left with only with their nascent effect.

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