Bloomberg is no "arts supporter"

I'm not interested in hearing about how Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a patron of the arts. His response to the Brooklyn MFA fiasco is appalling:

"Nobody's suggesting that anybody shouldn't be allowed to exhibit art," Mr. Bloomberg said. "The issue here is this is not a museum. This is a war memorial." He added, "There has been an understanding ever since art was put here that the art would be appropriate for families and respectful of and appropriate for a war memorial and this time it was not."

So every building that has "memorial" in the name can't have art anymore?

Today Brooklyn College sent trucks and workers, accompanied by plain clothes NYPD officers, to remove the work from the space without informing the artists. Apparently some of the work was damaged. I suspect the "movers" weren't art handlers.

The images above are from the students' Plan C(ensored) blog.

It's funny that the building being proposed for the new location of the exhibition is 70 Washington Street in DUMBO.

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