Anish Kapoor at Rockefeller Center

I learn from the New York Times that the Public Art Fund is sponsoring a new work by him at Rockefeller Center.

A mirror nearly three stories tall, fashioned from polished stainless steel, will stand at the Fifth Avenue entrance to the Channel Gardens in Rockefeller Center this fall.

Unlike most of the art that has adorned Rockefeller Center, it will not be placed where visitors are used to seeing the giant tree at Christmastime. "Sky Mirror," the work of the Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, will be facing Fifth Avenue.

"Sky Mirror," to be on view from Sept. 19 to Oct. 27, is a 23-ton circular sculpture, shaped like a satellite dish, its concave side angled upward facing 30 Rockefeller Plaza, its convex side facing Fifth Avenue, reflecting pedestrians and the cityscape. The work is Mr. Kapoor's first public art project in New York City.

The online version doesn't have an image, but the paper does.

Let's hope he and Rockefeller Center manage photography a bit better than it was managed for Chicago's Millenium Park, or they're going to have some very angry tourists.

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