Miami highlights - one more post

No, really, I did mean to do another post when I wrote "to be continued" at the end of the last one.

In no particular order, all from the NADA fair:

Kim Hiorthøy drawings and collages at Standard (Oslo). He also does street art and album covers. An example from their web site:


Kim Hiorthøy
Alt du trodde kom til å skje kommer aldri til å skje, 2004
Acrylic paint on wall
500 × 2000 cm
Installation view, "MOMENTUM - The Nordic Art Festival", Moss, 2004

At David Kordanksy, there was great work by Mark Flores and David Noonan. Flores had a wall installation, partially based on old images (tintypes I think?) from an archive in LA. This image from the gallery website of his show in 2005 gives some idea:


I don't see a page for David Noonan on the gallery site, but James wrote about a show at Foxy Production. Visit their site to see his artist page.

Kavi Gupta had some great sculpture by Jeff Carter, including this mechanical sculpture:


Jeff Carter
Untitled (Platform + Shoreline), 2005
metal, wood, motor, paint
88" × 48" × 20"

Kavi Gupta also had some great work by Melanie Schiff, whom I first saw in a group show at Foxy Production.


Goff + Rosenthal had some brilliant charcoal on paper pieces by Scott Hunt. This is one example from their web site. The gallery will give him his first solo show early this year.

Hamish McKay gallery had some sculpture by Mikala Dwyer that I enjoyed. Here is a sample image from their website:


Mikala Dwyer
Ra Ra Rasputin, 2005
plastic, earth, plant, fimo

I enjoyed a lot of the work I saw at the General Store, the Milwaukee artist-run space, including wild drawings of battles by a self-taught artist and Viet Nam vet named Ronald Baker and sculpture by Donald Morgan.

Wallspace was showing a new artist named Dave Miko. He will have a show at their space in February. Here is an image from their website:


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