ArtCal - now with RSS and calendar feeds


For those so inclined, ArtCal now has RSS feeds. You can also add an openings subscription to your iCal or other calendar programs.


This is great!

I was thinking the same as MTAA when they posted "Why didn't someone do this sooner?".. I blame it on the applcation developers that are refusing to work together. I.e. why can't Entourage publish and subscribe to ics files?!?! & Why won't iCal let anyone publish w/o a .mac account?

A question for ArtCal, was your iCal at one point called Art32Opening? and was it hosted on a .mac account by hoggardb?



Hi, Antonio. Yes, that was my iCal, which I maintained manually for a while. Eventually I wrote some code and put up ArtCal. The inital version launched in November 2004, and I've added features since then as I have time, such as images and now the feeds.

Thanks for the blog post on your site.

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