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While participating in the Affordable Art Fair panel on Saturday ("The Art of Collecting"), I mentioned that art benefits are a good way to start buying works at relatively low prices. I forgot to mention all of the ones I love, so I'm listing them here since I suspect some people at the event will check out bloggy now.

Momenta Art - This one has the most interesting format. You buy a ticket ($175 last year), and you get one work of art. When your number is drawn, you get your choice of the available works that remain. If you're first, you get your pick of the entire selection -- such as a Kiki Smith print.

Dumbo Arts Center - We first discovered a number of artists at their benefits, and the prices are among the lowest of any silent auction benefits. The next one will be Saturday, December 10th, with previews beginning on December 3rd.

White Box - This non-profit never shies away from political and controversial work, and is another good benefit for art at very reasonable prices.

White Columns - This is one of the oldest and best known benefits (and non-profits). The prices have crept up in recent years, so you need a bit more money to participate in this one than you do for the others.

Artists Space - Their "Night of 1,000 Drawings" event, with $5 admission, and prices from $30-50 depending on size, is a great way to take home art at very low prices, and to take a chance on some unknowns.

A number of smaller organizations, such as Groundswell Mural Project also have art benefits, so watch for those too.

I'm sure I've left off some others, but this is a start for those looking to get started collecting via benefits. Feel free to add more in the comments.



The Kitchen wrote to me to tell me they have a big art benefit coming up on November 16th in their space. It's not cheap to get in ($150), but the list of works is impressive, including a John Bock collage from 1999.

More updates

The Postcards from the Edge benefit at Visual AIDS is always a good one to attend.

Little Red Schoolhouse has amazing art benefits every year. Go here for information on the one coming up soon in February 2006.

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