Mundo Cafe & Restaurant - Astoria

James will probably write about our visit to Queens today to see the rest of Greater New York, plus Sport at Socrates Sculpture Park. The show at Socrates was the most cohesive (and fun) show I've seen there. I particularly enjoyed the work by Type A and Alix Lambert.

I'm writing about the awesome meal we had later, at Mundo Cafe & Restaurant, run by an adorable male couple - one Argentine and one Turkish, with some tasty food from both countries, but primarily from Turkey. It's still BYO, so it's quite the bargain.

Some highlights of our dinner:
Bunny’s Fever
Carrot dip w/creamy homemade yogurt & garlic served w/warm pita

Red Sonja
Pureed red lentil balls w/bulgur, scallion, parsley & spices on a bed of romaine lettuce w/lemon

Fried Argentinean Empanadas filled w/ground beef, raisins, olives & eggs or w/feta cheese

Ottoman Dumplings
Homemade Turkish dumplings w/ground beef in garlic-yogurt sauce w/melted butter &mint

Pasha Mundo
Semolina & cheese (ewe’s milk) balls in syrup w/vanilla custard cream

Finally, given the historic animosity between the two countries, I really appreciated seeing a coffee on the dessert menu described as "Turkish/Greek Coffee."

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