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Two things I enjoyed today:

First, Tom Moody on Paul McCarthy at the Haus der Kunst in Munich. An excerpt:

Unlike US art institutions, which filter art for the delicate sensibilities of small children, Victorian grandmothers, and Newt Gingrich, European museums don't protect viewers from the sight of icky penises and soiled butt cheeks.


I watched most of this vid [Sailor's Meat/Sailor's Delight, 1974] at the Haus Der Kunst, sitting on a seat in the main gallery with all this kinky sexual imagery right out there in plain view. There were no furtive darkened rooms for creepy behavior as in the US, but headphones did protect the other museumgoers from McCarthy's disturbing grunts and Deliverance-like squeals. Damn, the early 70s were an interestingly depraved time, partly owing to the end of the sexual revolution that conservatives are always complaining about, partly because the median age of the US population was about 22 and cranky oldsters were not allowed to run the show, as they do now.

Second, Wooster Collective's images of Banksy in the West Bank, including the work he put directly on the West Bank "wall".

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