Richard Butler @ Van Brunt

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White King
50" × 56"
Oil on canvas

We saw one of Butler's paintings when we visited Van Brunt at the DiVA Fair. There is now a show at the gallery, located in Beacon, NY. Does the name sound familiar? Butler is better known as the founder of the Psychedelic Furs. I was told by Carl Van Brunt that he went to art school, and decided to make a career in music after being told by a professor that only a handful of visual artists in England actually made a living with their art.

Sounds worth a day trip, especially for those of us who grew up with New Wave.

1 Comment

Richard's exhibition is also being shared with the artist David Barratt, also a 90s Record Producer. He did a lot of work with Ministry of Sound and Pukka -best known for Naked, Drunk and Horny. The opening party should be a laugh. 21st July.

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