Art Rock - contemporary art at Rockefeller Center

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Yeah for Clementine Gallery! After being rejected by The Armory Show, they took matters into their own hands and ended up with a contemporary show at the Rockefeller Center Plaza called Art Rock. It started today, and runs through March 14. Some snapshots:


Rob Fischer's glass & metal house (Mary Goldman Gallery)


Example of lounges at either end, designed by Todd Oldham. Note the more attractive use of orange than we got from The Gates.


Ivan Navarro (Roebling Hall)


Neutral white flags put up by Tishman Speyer (owners of Rockefeller Center) for the duration of Art Rock


Taylor McKimens has a wonderful paper house installation. It was impossible to photograph, at least for me, so I'm showing you a detail of his little grass edge in the room. His installation is outstanding.

Also, the Richard Aldrich show presented by Oliver Kamm/5BE is really good. I just couldn't get a good photo, otherwise I would have one here as well. The same goes for the excellent photography of South African Trevor Appleson presented by the London-based Hales Gallery.


We can relate to being rejected by the Armory Show. Scope gave us a press invite, but we were cc-ed on a mass rejection letter with grammatical problems from an Armory press person. I guess bloggers don't count, when they can reserve space for magazines that will print articles a couple of months after the Armory Show is over.

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The sun was out and the temperatures were milder than they've been in weeks, so Barry and I had an extra incentive for hurrying to Rockefeller Center this afternoon on the opening day of Art Rock. This unprecedented mid-town public... Read More


The Armory Show: Becoming less relevant every year.

If the White House can welcome a blogger into their press core, the least that the Armory can do is welcome art bloggers. I mean, it costs them what, $20? Ridiculous!

Lame-o of us! I just heard of and saw this for the 1st time. It's fab!
Congrats! Elizabeth Burke

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