Something Ephemeral @ Champion in Los Angeles

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I'm sorry I won't get to see this show in Los Angeles. It's at the wonderful Champion Fine Arts Gallery, which I discussed here.

Any show that is curated by artist/performer Alix Lambert, whom I finally met when she was performing in Nobody's Lunch by The Civilians, and includes work by our friend Charles Goldman, is not to be missed. It opens Saturday, February 26, from 6-8PM.

[I did the web sites for Champion and Charles.]

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My New York pal, with incredible taste in art, bloggy regrets that he will be missing Champion Fine Arts new exhibition, Something Ephemeral curated by Alix Lambert.... Read More


alix lambert - i think she had a show up around the time we did the artists for the bill of right show in which she turned the gallery into a coven. is this the same person i'm thinking of? i'll let some LA friends know about the show.

-tom schreiber

I don't actually know, Tom. Her web site doesn't seem to be reachable at the moment. You might see if the Sara Meltzer Gallery web site has some info.

thanks barry - turns out it was another alex that i was thinking of. Alex Bag turned Elizabeth Dee into "Coven Services for Consumer Mesmerism, Product Sorcery, and the Necromantic Reimagination of Consumption," for the duration of her show there in early 2004.

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