Tough old ladies at the library

I took a two-page printed list of the books from my Amazon wish list with me to my local library branch, since I start jury duty on Thursday. I'm a pretty fast typist, so I checked a bunch in a couple of minutes, but soon a little old lady tapped on my shoulder. "Are you going to go through that whole list?!" she asked. I told her I was almost finished, pointing to the item on the page I was then checking. She asked, "Is that the end, or are you going to flip it over and do some more?" I assured her it was really at the end.

My jury duty is at 60 Centre Street. I welcome any nearby attractions (ha!) or restaurant recommendations, particularly Vietnamese. This post from Chowhound pretty much sums up the way I feel about those court buildings.

Maybe I'll get a chance to sneer at the Kerik Complex while I'm there.

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