Please, just make it stop


First it was cows, then apples, and now kangaroos.


We had pigs.

Now we have ponies.


I deeply apologize for my city (Chicago) for starting the whole thing. They're still everywhere in the Loop tourisy gift shops.

Just found your blog. Great!

Actually, Fresh Paint, Zurich started the whole thing. But it was a Michigan Avenue shoe magnate who brought the idea to Chicago and popularized it for the rest of the world.

And I will certainly agree that the whole thing is played out at this point, but I absolutely loved the original Chicago Cow Parade (which happened during my first year as a tour guide there). A lot of clever, whimsical pieces came out of it. Are you folks objecting to these projects because you're sick of them, or do you feel there is something inherently wrong with modified fiberglass sculpture?

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