MoMA - where is Nan Goldin?

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So, I never got around to writing my MoMA post, as James did. OK, here is one thought:

While I was intrigued to see how much of the work in the photography area had political/social/anti-war themes, I was surprised to see no work by Nan Goldin. Does someone have an agenda? I saw a whole wall for Cindy Sherman, and another for Philip-Lorca diCorcia. While I appreciate both of them, I don't think they are any more important than she is, or Mark Morrisroe is.

Slight non-sequitur: The only good thing about Trump Tower is that the tourists walking along Fifth Avenue in the afternoon seem lit and ready for a photo by Philip-Lorca diCorcia or Beat Streuli.

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Interesting point. As I wrote at Ionarts (follow the link below), Nan Goldin is in Paris.

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