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I was near Tiffany today after going to the dentist. I went by to see the windows, which are decorated with drawing based on the Christmas cards that Andy Warhol did for Tiffany early in his career. They can be found in the book Greetings from Andy: Christmas at Tiffany's. The drawings aren't that exciting. I was more moved by the various quotes from his diaries about wrapping presents, or how he always thought of mother at Christmas-time. The quotes were directly on the glass, with the date of entry.

My enjoyment was marred by a Salvation Army guy singing Christmas carols WITH AMPLIFICATION right in front of the store. Apparently the Police allow religious people to use such electronics, but they arrest people in demonstrations for using them. It's sweet, isn't it, that a homophobic organization like the SA can use them to raise more money?

Remember people, they believe in firing gay people and refusing to hire them while accepting public tax money to provide services. Don't give them a penny, and if you're feeling confrontational, tell them why as you walk by. Do it for all the good fairies like Andy.

P.S. There is a great show of Warhol paintings and drawings from the 70s at Paul Kasmin through December 24.

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And that ain't all. When I was involved with an agency in Louisville, KY which helped folks with AIDS, the only organization which would not help with housing for HIV+ persons was Salvation Army. I haven't given them anything since.
So let them ring those bells and put your money in some other kettle.

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