Top picks in Williamsburg

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We have found ourselves in Williamsburg several times over the last month. My current picks for favorite shows there:

  • Beth Bridea & Tucker Nichols at SOUTHFIRST - Tucker is also in the current show at The Drawing Center
  • Janice Caswell at Schroeder Romero - beautiful use of pins, wall painting, and other media. I had seen her works on paper before, but they hadn't made me realize what she is capable of in a whole room installation.
  • No Return at Momenta - a number of good works that come together as a brilliant group show.

I am expecting some images from Schroeder Romero of a young artist who has a solo show coming up. I will write about that later.

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I said I was going to write about a new young artist at Schroeder Romero, but James beat me to... Read More


and how could you forget....Carol Saft at Art Moving??--up until the 18th of Oct.

Oops, sorry. I haven't seen it yet, and I only mentioned ones I've seen.

Is there a web site I can point people to?

I also didn't mention Brooklyn Fireproof.

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