"They'll get tired of getting killed"

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Jon Stewart showed clips of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on The Daily Show a few days ago to illustrate the fact that he seems to have really gone off the deep end.

Via Wider Angle, here is a an excerpt from a transcript of a recent "Media Availability" on the Defense Department's web site (emphasis mine):

I’m very encouraged about it. I think that the United States and the coalition countries, of course unlike, other countries we have no desire to stay there or to be there at all other than to help that country get on it’s feet. We’re in the processing of doing that and they’re making good progress politically. They’re making progress economically. The schools are open. The hospitals are open. They have a stock market functioning. They sent some teams to the Olympics. They have a symphony and at the same time, amidst all those good things that are happening, people are being killed. Iraqis are being killed, as they were yesterday and the day before. At some point the Iraqis will get tired of getting killed and we’ll have enough of the Iraqi security forces that they can take over responsibility for governing that country and we’ll be able to pare down the coalition security forces in the country.

I see the DOD has trouble with "it's vs. its" as well.

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I mentioned earlier that Donald Rumsfeld said "At some point the Iraqis will get tired of getting killed." The Detroit... Read More


Well, that explains why the English teachers hate him. What about the rest of the world?

I always thought Jon Stewart was ready to go off the deep end anyway...

What part of "At some point the Iraqis will get tired of being killed" don't you understand?

Why am I attracting wingnuts on old posts?

Rumsfeld didn't even say the people killing our soldiers, he just said "Iraqis." Apparently we now have to kill them in order to save them.

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