Guantanamo on the Hudson

The New York Press isn't exactly a left-wing paper, but here is what they have to say about the barbed wire holding pens on the pier on the Hudson:

By the time we hit the streets with this issue, we're sure it will be common knowledge, but it wasn't until late last week that the NYPD announced their plans to turn Pier 57, at 11th Ave. and 15th St., into a giant holding pen. It was originally intended, of course, for the thousands of protestors they're intent on rounding up during the convention.


The message sent by all the security preparations prior to the convention was clear, but never so perfectly encapsulated as this makes it. What the NYPD and the GOP are saying to protestors of every stripe (and New Yorkers in general) is this: "If you don't agree with us, we look at you as enemy combatants, security threats and would-be terrorists. And we're going to treat you like the diseased cattle you are."


The most disturbing bit of information concerning the West Side holding pen, however, was buried in the Post's account. Just a brief mention:

"Cops fear some protesters might hang around after the convention to disrupt other events, like the U.S. Open, so the pen will remain open indefinitely."

The U.S. Open? Other events? Like what, the 3rd Ave. Street Fair? The grand opening celebration at a new Payless Shoe Source in Queens?

In other words, a year-round internment camp is now part of the ongoing West Side development project. Does the Olympic Committee know about this?


UPDATED: NYC Indymedia has photos of the internment pier. More to follow.

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