3 good group shows in Williamsburg

You only have a week on two of these:

crits's pix at Black & White has great stuff, especially Julian Montague's "The Stray Shopping Cart: An Illustrated System of Identification" and Jon-Paul Villegas's brilliant mix of wall paintings and sculpture. I'll add images if I can get some. Closes 7/19.

"a dot that went for a walk" at Plus Ultra Gallery includes Katinka Ahlbom (who had a striking installation that was part of "Sunrise Sunset" at Smack Mellon), Vanessa Conte, Rosemarie Fiore, and Medrie Macphee. Closes 7/19.

We will have to go back to "Grotto 2" at Jessica Murray Projects, as it was very hot and difficult to absorb the 60+ artists in the show. A few things did manage to stand out, such as Rachel Mason's video "Model Anthem", the White House sculpture of Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua (we bought the "Todo List" work that went along with it), and Diane Meyer's "Redemption: Professional Confessional." Some lucky person at the opening bought a Reed Anderson work based on a page from a 1977 Penthouse at a very reasonable price. Closes 8/1.


Updated: There are some photos here from the Black & White show. I also forgot to mention how much I liked Nick Brown's work in the back patio.

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