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Even the comics I read for fun are getting political.


I can't wait to find out what the talking dog thinks about Iraq. He is Canadian, after all.

big fan of get fuzzy here. honestly, i'm wondering whether dan himself had some relative who really had something happen to him in iraq, thus giving him the inspiration to draw it out in get fuzzy. anybody can confirm?

Get fuzzy rocks!
Buck is so awesome. I wish i had a pet like him.

This isn't exactly the first time it's commented on this. I think it's more interesting that within the same week (I think?) or close to it, B.D. in Doonesbury lost a leg, and so did Rob's cousin. It's a cartoonist's conspiracy! (just kidding) But I think that a comic occasionally references what's going on in the world makes it more thoughtful so that the other, more random humor stays relative to our lives. But that's just me.

long time get fuzzy fan, personnaly I liken bucky cat to the distorted,mischievious, little imp that was "calvin" I'm sure you know to whom I refer.although slightly more adult in his demeanor. I just hope that mr. conley does not opt to retire just yet. this strip is fantasticly funny

Hey that was kinda mean (after all I'm a Canadian) but yeah completely true. Americans are so awesome. Canadians can often be wimps. No effence to you guys out there. :(

Actually I'm pretty sure he's talking about B.D. from Doonesbury. I'm NOT SURE because I don't read Doonesbury much, but I think that B.D.'s actual name is unknown, and that it's kind of a running gag for Doonesbury, and anyway this is kind of insinuating that not only is he related to the Get Fuzzy guy, he's also named William.

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