Time Warner DVR

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Is anyone else using Time Warner's DVR (Digital Video Recorder), kind of like Tivo?

Ours is having trouble telling time. It keeps starting things a little early and cutting off the last couple of minutes. I've taken to recording the thing right after a program if it really matters to me, just in case.

Is anyone else seeing this? I fear entering the maze of Time Warner Cable support again.

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We have TW digital cable as well, complete with the buggy DVR. At some point, I'm going to go online and find out if there's a firmware upgrade for the thing...

One thing that you can do is to go into your list of scheduled recordings and tell it to start early and/or end late. I don't have the remote in front of me, so (sorry) no detailed instructions, but if you poke around for a while you should be able to find the correct menu.

- B

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