Mexico City updates

I have made some minor edits to my Mexico City posts, to add names of places and artists that I hadn't taken the time to figure out while we were there.

James has added captions to the photo gallery for the trip.

In the taxi on our way home from the airport on Wednesday night, James turned to me and said, "I guess we're not on the no-fly list!"

I apologize for not being more interesting or analytical in my posts. I think I did a better job when we were in Germany. Several things were going on: We were both sick with cold/sinus things in Mexico City, and the 8,000 feet elevation and smog didn't help. The other was the exhaustion caused by sensory overload. There is so much to see, hear, smell, and taste in a place like Mexico City. That's a good thing, but it meant I felt too worn out to write well after returning to the hotel each night.

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