Judge Silberman and the WMD panel

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As an antidote to the "liberal media" like the New York Times that just refer to the panel's co-chair, David Niewert has compiled some useful information.

Some highlights:

-- Overturning the Iran-Contra conviction of Oliver North on specious grounds.

-- Blocking the Clinton legal team's attempts to track down the leaks emanating from Starr's office and blocking any attempts at discovery in the matter.

-- Accusing Clinton of "declaring war on the United States" by trying to shield Secret Service agents from being forced to testify against Clinton.

1 Comment

Judge Silberman was, according to David Brock, instrumental in the emergence of "Troopergate". Even when Brock was a certified right wing hit man for the AM media, he had reservations about publishing the accusations the Arkansas troopers were promoting. Silberman's encouragement alone led Brock to publish the troopers' tales which led to further investigations by Starr and further hounding of Clinton by the "liberal" media.

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