Fernando Carabajal

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Chalk Elephant, 2003
Fernando Carabajal
Chalk & glue

We saw work by this young artist on our trip to Mexico City. The gallery, Nina Menocal, has now put up a few images of his work. There aren't any good details of his drawings, but the photo of the table gives you a feel for how the project room looked.

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installation view of, among other things, a giant clown nose The work of Fernando Carabajal has haunted me since we saw it in Mexico City late last month. Fresh, charming, quirky, and each piece a beautiful, microsmic reading by... Read More


Great blog. Excellent writing and lovely design. Stop by mine if you like.

Another Wal-Martist for my list!

I asked Tyler about "Wal-Martist." Here is a link where he writes about the term - artists that use everyday materials:


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