Chelsea gallery crawl


We visited several things of note today. One closed today (Barbara Pollack at Sara Meltzer), but the others are still up.

First, Barbara Pollack, from the press release:

Video Wall: Sara Meltzer Gallery is proud to present Barbara Pollack's AIM. In this 3-channel video, four teenagers converse via AOL Instant Messenger. The monitors show the faces of the four participants—two boys and two girls—as they react and respond to this digital conversation. This video stems from an off-handed remark, "We don’t flirt at school, we wait until we get home and then IM each other," made by the son of the artist. In order to capture the humor, spontaneity and frankness of these conversations about sex and dating, Pollack used micro-cameras, a type of surveillance equipment now readily available and frequently used by parents to keep an eye on their children. The work demonstrates the impenetrability of the adolescent experience, even in this era when all forms of privacy seem to have been eliminated.

The gallery's next show looks quite interesting: Andrea Bowers's " Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Training" and "Damage" from Type A. We have a few videos of Type A, plus a diptych from the Twins Project.

I have mentioned Hiraki Sawa in the past.


2003 Digital video on DVD 7 minute 10 second loop

He has three new videos at James Cohan. I will probably go back to see them again. They are quite wonderful.

Francis Cape's new show opens tonight at Murray Guy. I love his architecturally-inspired art, and I'm not even that into architecture.


Slater Bradley, You're In High School Again, 2003-04, chromogenic print, 40 x 60 inches

Slater Bradley's "STONED & DETHRONED", his homage to Kurt Cobain show, opens tonight at Team Gallery. I found it really moving, and not just because I lived in Seattle in 1992. The press release/essay is brilliant. Also, Mr. Bradley curated a group show at Wallspace gallery that should be worth a visit. I haven't been yet.

Finally, the site hasn't been updated for the current show, but Axis Gallery has a group show of photography from South Africa. I love the gallery, and it's a great show. Go!

[Updated: a helpful person gave me the link to the Slater Bradley press release.]


I'm with you on Sawa. His stuff is a total hoot. He did a video thingy with airplanes in a house a year or two back... completely engrossing.

fuck Slater and this shit. Yawn........... The ideas are lame. I wish kids knew what it meant to THINK about art. Not art that's "cool", but, actual art. I just wish this crap was thought out.

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