Mexico City


My passport renewal has happened, and tickets have been purchased. We're going to Mexico City for a week late January/early February.

Any art/food/other recommendations (we already have a hotel: the Camino Real, designed by Ricardo Legorreta) can be left as comments or e-mailed to me.


UPDATED: I fixed the Camino Real link to get to a more specific page.


Now you can be on a list, too.

Get a T-shirt like mine, "I went to Las Vegas and all I got was recorded by the FBI"

I got my current passport at the consulate in Marseilles pre-2001, so it's handmade, pasted together, not plastic-coated and barcoded. Customs officials stare at it in disbelief (which, admittedly, gets annoying sometimes) and nostalgia.

The Camino Real is a cheezy very expensive hotel, If you want to stay somewhere cool,
go to the majestic in the Zocalo (central square)
it is a very old hotel with a balcony to die for. It is situated right next to major archeological sites and museums.
Why don't you call me
I'll set you up...


Hi, Carlos. I know that Camino Real is a late 60s hotel, but it's by an interesting Mexican architect, and it's actually cheaper (via online reservations) than the Majestic.

I hoping it's more "interesting 1968" than "cheesy 1968", and I wanted to stay near the Polanco and Condesa colonias.

I will keep the Majestic in mind for the next trip, since it's in the historic center.

I will call you for other tips soon.

So, you are going to mexico. Museums: Museo de Arte Moderno(classic, you may find Remedios Varo's paintings), Museo Rufino Tamayo (the show newer stuff) both of them are located in Reforma street near the zoo, polanco zone. Museo Carrillo Gil at the south, near San Angel, contemporary art its worth watching.
Galeries: OMR,Garash Galerie, MUCA Roma, they are in la colonia Roma, Garash is located in Alvaro Obregon street, MUCA is near I don't remember very well (is it Tabasco or Tamaulipas), near the Polanco zone is Art Plataform, the street is Goethe (is close to Camino Real)
Restaurants: well in Polanco in the street Presidente Mazaryk you will find a good selection of restaurants and shops, in Camino Real there is the China Grill, it's very good. In la colonia Condesa there are a lots of restaurants, cheaper than Polanco. Recommendations: La Tecla, San Angel Inn, El Rincon de la Lechuza (best tourist-friendly taqueria, where you won't be afraid of Moctuzma's revenge, is at south at Coyoacan zone) or you can to Pini's is in Ejercito Nacional (Polanco Zone), koscher tacos. The Petit CLuny (A.K.A. La casa de la Trattoria Nouva) San Angel zone. And the list goes on and on.

Were to walk?: Coyoacan and San Angel downtown, Polanco, La Condesa, Mexico City Downtown(Zocalo), Reforma Street, Chapultepec Parks, take the Touribus it's nice.

Interest Sites: Bazar del Sábado, UNAM (biggest and most important university in Mexico), La Villa, Arena Mexico (Lucha Libre), Frida Kahlo's Museum, Diego Rivera's Museum, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Teotihuacan's pyramids (outside the city at the north), CU stadium(were 1968 olympics took place).

More recommendations? buy Chilango magazine it's like Time Out,

More questions? (send me an e-mail)

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