Barefoot and pregnant


A man at an Ann Coulter appearance in Boulder does this:

"I stood up to the mic... kind of shaky, wasn't sure if I was going to use it, or go after her intellectual bankruptcy, and I finally just decided... Then I thanked her for coming to Boulder, and then I said, "Ann, since you're a self-proclaimed extreme right-winger, when are you going to take your own advice and get pregnant, march into the kitchen barefoot and make me a god damn sandwich?!"

Then, "the crowd roundly applauded me..." - "and I heard a good amount of boos, but it was mostly laughter."


Anyway, "She stood there kind of aghast for a couple seconds, gathered herself, and went into a 30 second response about how LIBERALS were actually the ones who wanted their women to be barefoot and in the kitchen pregnant."

[via TBOGG]



Bloody brilliant. And Anne should have known better than to make an appearance in Boulder, considering it is the sister city of Berkeley.

That's priceless. She really should have arranged a sandwich for him, though.

Arranged a sandwich? I smell a pinko liberal when I should be smelling homebaked bread...

Ann's so beneath comment.

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