The suburbanization of Chelsea/Flatiron continues


It's not bad enough that we have an Olive Garden and a friggin' Outback Steakhouse in the neighborhood. Now I learn that Home Depot is opening a store on West 23rd between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Hello, truck gridlock!


LOL.. All that stuff out here is just south of San Francisco... So you can make your runs to Home Depot and Target and then have dinner at the Sizler (we don't have an Olive Garden) without being spotted! ;)... I can't IMAGINE having any of 'em in the city... Think our City Council outlawed 'em all! ;)

how you suffer!

Well, daisy, I didn't move here from the south to have it turn into the kind of homogenized, ugly place I was fleeing.

People once came to NYC to be transformed. Today, too many of them want to turn it into the places they left. I would never have imagined that we would have Olive Gardens in Manhattan.

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