Harvey Milk - the afternoon

As promised, we went back at 3 for the kids leaving at the end of the school day. By this point, only the twinkie guy and the two others (that got left when the Phelps clan left via shiny Lincolns in the morning) were there. I added a few more photos to the gallery.

The twinkie guy held an extension cord to demonstrate the male/female aspect of electrical plugs, saying that this proved that homosexuality was unnatural. Someone yelled at him to tell him his big tool belt was "very Village People." I was amused to see him waving the plugs at the transgender kids that walked across the street to confront him. Their cohorts over on our side of the street yelled encouragements, such as "smack him with your tits!" and chanted "We're people! Not Plugs!"

After a bit the two bible guys walked over to the corner of Astor and Broadway -- out of their pen! A group of us went with our signs to get between them and the kids headed that way on their way out of the school. At first the police didn't like it and told us to go back to our pen, but we told them we didn't want the kids to get yelled at by the bible-thumpers. They were sympathetic, and just brought some more barricades and made us and the two bigots a new holding area. Our original four good guys were eventually joined by more people, including several teachers from other schools that had arrived by that point. I had a bit more flashback to my southern upbringing than I wanted as one of them yelled in the cadence of a fire and brimstone preacher about gays, AIDS, etc. It was an interesting experience -- we were standing right next to them in a 4' x 10' barricaded space next to Astor Hair.

One of the kids handed us a white paper heart that said, "My Big Gay Heart Loves You."


Updated: See James's afternoon report, including some nice photos of the kids that crossed the street to confront the bigots.

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