Why are they so stupid?

I don't understand this administration. They have plenty of money to spend on speechwriters and marketers, and we still get stuff like this, from Bush's speech to the American Legion on Tuesday:

He did not repeat his administration's prewar assertions that Mr. Hussein had ties to Al Qaeda, but made a general argument about the threat from those who hate, among others, "Christians and Jews and every Muslim who does not share their narrow and violent vision."

India just had two bombs go off in Bombay that killed 51 people and injured over 150. They are the worlds largest democracy, and allegedly an ally. The odds are pretty good that most of those people were not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, but I guess our glorious leader can't wrap is head around yet another religion, particularly one that's not one of the big three monotheistic ones. It also is "off message" to talk about any culpability from Pakistan, our partner in the War on Terror. Pakistan is also believed to have supplied nuclear technology to Iran and North Korea. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

Mr. Flight Suit also used the speech as an excuse to taunt Al Quaeda and other terrorists for not having hit U.S. soil directly lately:

He made the case that failing to take the fight to terrorists wherever they are would expose the United States to attacks at home. "Our military is confronting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and in other places so our people will not have to confront terrorist violence in New York or St. Louis or Los Angeles," he said.

So we're safer because we're battling people overseas, including the mysterious "elsewhere"? I doubt it.

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