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Congratulations to Matt from To The Point! He's quoted in the latest Washington Monthly, in an article on Wesley Clark. He and Simon are doing some great writing, so go read them.

OK. I have to say it: I told Matt he should have a blog the first time I met him.


Yeah, you helped get me into this, Barry. Now I'm all political and going to law school and working for Clark and all. What hast thou wrought?

Matt's going to law school? Nobody tells me ANYTHING.

Also I was quoted in Salon.

Where's the link? If I have to watch an ad for Thirteen to see it, I don't want to have to wander around too much looking for it.

OK - I found it:

I like the quote, Matt:

"Clarkism is not about an individual," explains 25-year-old Matthew Stoller, former Kerry volunteer and recent Harvard graduate who runs the ClarkSphere with Newberry. "It's not Dean for America, it's leadership for America. It's not an embrace of the man, it's an embrace of the ideas he suggests, and an embrace of Clark's vision is an embrace of what we love about America, what we always felt in our hearts was the America we really wanted to live in ... The absence of personality in the Clark movement attracts people who are not interested in personality; they are interested in ideas.

"If you place your faith in an individual," Stoller continues, "then you are not placing your faith in systems like the rule of law. The Clark people place their faith in systems. That's why institutional legitimacy is so important to Clark -- the institutional legitimacy is about systems, about placing ideas in their legitimate forms, which is institutions. America is the actualization of the Enlightenment through institutions."

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