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We wandered around without a plan in Chelsea today after having lunch with friends. Normally, James has a very planned itinerary, so it was nice to find things serendipitously.

Things I liked:

  • Run, do not walk, to the $99 Bargain Store Show at Cynthia Broan (curated by Tim Thyzel)
  • Matthew Northridge at Gorney Bravin + Lee. I felt less strongly about some of the work in the main room, but the collages in the project room at the back were exquisite.
  • Jan Dibbets at Barbara Gladstone. I love the way the works read as beautiful abstracts at a distance, while the individual elements are wonderful photographs on their own.

  • "Air", a group show, at James Cohan. For me the standout work was a video by Hiraki Sawa titled Dwelling -- another still here -- in which airplane models fly about an apartment. In an era when flying machines conjure negative thoughts, it was soothing to watch a happy, magical work with flying planes.

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