Free speech is at the government's pleasure


A federal judge has denied a permit allowing the anti-war march on February 15 to march to the U.N., saying that heightened security concerns posed by up to 100,000 protesters would threaten the public safety and security of the U.N. Instead a stationary rally will be allowed five blocks away. The judge says it is constitutional to ban all marching in Mahattan.

NY Newsday also reports that the NYPD has approved no permits for demonstrations since the fall of 2002.

Apparently things like the St. Patrick's Day Parade don't have the same kinds of security concerns that political speech does.

A reminder: I'll be joining this group, assembling at the NYPL on Fifth Avenue. If you're going to be there, send me an email if you don't have already have my cell phone number, so we can meet up.


Update: Jim Henley has good ongoing coverage of this.


i just can't express how ANGRY this whole thing makes me - and that I can't go. Of all places where there SHOULD be a demonstration, in NYC, where Bush, etc are using 9/11 emotions to justify this - and at the U.N. - where we are SUPPOSED TO be trying alternatives to war and force.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... And while I don't doubt there will be a decent sized demo,I think it's fairly obvious that many folks will be afraid to go now - not wanting to risk police hassles, thinking they are doing their duty by not costing the city money ( WHY OH WHY do we have a BUSINESSMAN as mayor???? - will someone shut him up!!??)...

Don't forget that Giuliani was even worse. Remember having snipers on the roof of City Hall for World AIDS Day to "protect" it from demonstrators?

One of my mother's first comments after 9/11 was, "I bet Giuliani was mad they didn't target him specifically."

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