Some poetry

I get regular emails of poetry from RealPoetik. They don't put the stuff they send out on the web right away, so I'll post the latest one, from Stacie Barrie:

I Sold You, You Sold Me
(a poem in Newspeak)

From the age of pavement
From the age of split seconds I salute:
Not files
Not papers
Not pictures
No need
No mini
No maxi
No need
Minus time
Minus space
Plus persons
Plus statues
Plus corporations undead
Freeway, landfill, proving grounds
Newthink bellyfeels prolefeed
Old behind
Old below
Oldthink always new
Victory is apathy


A couple more, found while researching her on the web:

Outskirts, by Stacie Barry

Jesus in the Psych Ward, by Richard Jordan

untitled, by Sal Salasin

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